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Each One Bring One
Each One Win One
New Covenant has a powerful group of anointed preachers and teachers of the Word of God to support the work of the ministry. 

Senior Assistant Pastor Elder James G. Reaves, Sr.                                               

To appreciate the office of Assistant Pastor, one only has to look at the life of Elder James Reaves. This outstanding man of God has left no one with any misapprehensions about his calling to under gird the pastor. This has been his consistent example, and the people of God have noted and expressed great admiration for such.

Elder James shared the bonds of holy matrimony with the late Sister Delores Reaves for more than fifty years until the Lord called her from labor to reward in the year 2000. Elder Reaves serves the Church of the New Covenant not only by his preaching and teaching ministry, but also by the artistic manner in which he refurbished different parts of the church building and serving with the Inspirational Choir. 

Elder Kenneth Jackson
Biographical Information coming soon.

Elder Antonio Jones
Biographical Information coming soon.

Elder Letrese Holmes                                                                                                  

Biographical information coming soon

Minister Mary Jackson                                                                                           

Minister Mary Jackson is a true prayer warrior, constantly seeking the face of God for His people and His church.

Minister Sharon Claude

Minister Sharon I. Claude is a humble servant of the Lord.  She is a lover of Christ and His Word.  She loves to share the Word with others and encourages others to grow in the Lord..

Minister Jackie Wilson                                                                                                   
Biographical Information coming soon.

Minister Janet Jones
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