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Senior Pastor Bishop Alfred and First Lady Marlene Reaves

The calling placed upon the life of Bishop Alfred Reginald Reaves has been demonstrated in serving the people that are defined by God as a Spiritual Harvest. People from all walks of life have been served by this man of God with passion and deep commitment. Bishop Reaves has been serving as a minister of the Gospel for fifty-one years, and has pastored for thirty-nine years. He credits the passion that he has for ministry to his parents, the late Elder Neal and Mother Novella Reaves, and his father in the Gospel, the late Bishop Winfield Showell.

Bishop Reaves attended the Johns Hopkins University for two years and earned a Bachelor of Theology from the International Seminary in Orlando, Florida. After serving as Pastor of the Fellowship of the Jesus Associates for six years, he was led to commence the Ministry of the Church of the New Covenant in 1978. He has served the church in many areas, and says that his inspiration for such service is in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ serving the human family.

Bishop Reave credits his wife of forty-nine years, First Lady Marlene Reaves for always being there, embracing and sharing the vision he has received from God. His children, Sister Rhonda Reaves-Smith, Elder Reginald Reaves, and Sister Robin Reaves have been a very important part of his ministry. Bishop Reaves has two grandsons, Dominique Williams, now 20, who has been a part of the church’s music ministry since the age of 4, and Mehki Hunter, age 5, who is showing many signs of being talented and gifted for kingdom service. Bishop Alfred and Lady Marlene Reaves are so elated for how the Lord brought their daughter-in-law, Katrina in their family to be the companion of Elder Reginald, and their first granddaughter, Brielle.

Bishop Reaves is a writer and composer of music. He has written in excess of one hundred songs. He has recorded three CD’s; The Secret Place, Majesty, and Meditation/Love Song.

Bishop Reaves has made the determination that this is the time to put in place the next generation of leadership at the Church of the New Covenant, while he can be available to assist and provide hands on oversight. He says that he is determined that God’s people will not have to experience the kind of confusion that oftentimes results from not planning ahead.

Contact Bishop Reaves at bishopareaves@cotncministries.com

Co-Pastor Elder Reginald Reaves and Lady Katrina Reaves

Reginald Walter Reaves was born on December 25, 1968.  He is the proud son of Bishop Alfred and Marlene Reaves whom he affectionately calls “his Kids”.  He has fond memories of his childhood and growing up in a happy, godly home.  It was home where he was nurtured and trained up in the things of God.


Even at a tender, young age, he sensed the nearness and presence of God in his life.  As a little boy, he developed a love for the Word of God participating in Sunday school at the church of his Dad’s first pastorate (The Fellowship of the Jesus Associates).  The deposit of the Word of God in his life would serve to keep him during his difficult adolescent years that would soon test all that he had been taught.  During his teenage years, he would experience and discover the vanity that the world offers.  But remembering how he had been raised, and his accountability to the true and the living God, he began seeking answers to life’s questions in the Word of God.  He began collecting the tapes of the messages preached by his Dad, his Uncle (Elder James Reaves), and his Granddad (Elder Neal Reaves Sr.), as well as many guest preachers.


Now with a collection of tapes and books, he would spend many hours burning the midnight oil seeking the wisdom and knowledge of God.  He has a special appreciation and interest in eschatology (the study of end time events).  Moreover, he came to love bible study and Sunday school because he could ask questions.  His love for music led him to be a part of the choir ministry; singing, directing, writing, and playing the keyboard.


Although Reggie was baptized as a young child, he was baptized again, having a better understanding of God’s demands.  On Valentine’s Day 1988, Reggie received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in the home of his parents.


On February 11, 1989, he began working for the U. S. Postal Service, where he is currently employed today.  It was there that he was exposed to the deep hurts of people and developed a passion to win souls to the kingdom.  He was ordained an Elder by the Bible Way Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. in 1997.


Pastor Reaves’ ministry goals are to bring restoration and healing to families; to ignite in the church a love for God’s Word; and to prepare a people for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.                


Reginald is currently completing degree programs in Religious Education and Ministry with International Seminary.  He is a member of the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors). 

Reggie is happily married to the “love of his life” Katrina. She stands by his side to help him accomplish his life’s assignment. They are the proud parents of their 2 daughters, Brielle and Thalia.

Contact Co-Pastor Reaves at Pastorreg@cotncministries.com.

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